Mike McKenzie



Mike grew up in Palm Beach County  and spent his high school years working at Moffitt Inlet Marina, which is now Safe Harbor New Port Cove Marine Center. He then attended the University of Florida, receiving his bachelor’s degree in 1991.  Mike earned his 100 Ton Master’s License while working in the Bahamas aboard a liveaboard SCUBA diving charter vessel in the early ’90s before heading to the oilfields of the Gulf of Mexico and spending over two decades in the marine construction field as a commercial deep-sea diver. He has over 1500 surface-supplied dives and spent 257 days in saturation, with the deepest dive to 540 feet. During that time he spent over 4000 days at sea (11 years). Mike ended his offshore career as a diving supervisor for Oceaneering International, working off of the west coast of Africa to be at home full time with his two young children.


In addition to working full time as a broker for DH Yacht Sales, Mike does occasional work as a captain, is a right fielder for the On Track softball team in the Florida Half Century Amateur Softball Association, does yacht photography and is a private pilot. He was a hitting coach for his kids’ baseball team and is presently teaching them to free dive.

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Jupiter, Florida