Rachel Wells



Growing up in South Florida, the ocean has always been a major part of Rachel’s lifestyle. She began surfing and traveling and quickly took a liking to any activity in and on the water. At 22 years old, she decided to join the yachting industry, yearning for the experience and opportunity to do and see as much as she could on the water. It was here that she built a deep love and respect for the power of a boat; from the ever-evolving diversity in engineering and design, to their sheer ability to house lifelong memories for all those onboard.

Rachel left yachting in 2018 with the most incredible memories of diving, fishing, and exploring. Having gained a wide variety of knowledge and skills from interior decorating to varnishing and everything in between, she didn’t stray far. Rachel continued within the marine industry, furthering her expertise, by assisting a marine artist in a specific and customized painting of various boat builds and sizes. This job opened a whole new set of skills and networking, leading her towards the desire to help current owners, and those aspiring, to find a boat of the perfect fit.

When deciding to become a broker, there was no other brokerage she would rather share her obsession with than the talented and deeply devoted team at DH Yacht Sales. She strives to apply her passion, knowledge, and experience with all those looking to fulfill their dreams of owning a boat to which they can create a life around.

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Jupiter, Florida